The story of Ayesha & Yasar

Location: New Jersey, U.S.A.
Married: August 2014

In our search of looking for the right spouse, we decided to try out the online matrimonial services. However, I was very skeptical of the idea of using online matrimonial services mainly because I like to keep my life private and don’t allow others especially opposite gender to know about me. Half Our Deen was that online service for me that kept my privacy protected and allowed me to carry on with the search in a way I wanted to. Both of us felt HOD to be the most beneficial recourse in trying to get married the halal way.

After carefully looking at each others profiles, we asked each other questions on the website and found some common grounds and values on which we want to live our future lives on. It was very important for both of us to have our families involved right away so after 2 or 3 days of conversation,Yasar's family came over to meet me and my family. We met and saw each other with our families present and asked a few additional questions.

For both of us it was important to have a partner who we can grow with religiously and who can be a motivation for us to become better Muslim every day. After those 3 days conversations, one meet up, and istikhara, we strongly felt confident about each other. Leaving rest to Allah (SWT) and our families, we had our nikah on August 30th, 2014 and insha Allah our wedding ceremony and waleema is going to be in February 2015.