Half Our Deen is the "Private" Muslim Matrimonial website.

Why Choose Us?


A recent poll shows that the #1 reason people chose Half Our Deen over the other sites is Privacy. Because not everyone wants their picture and profile to show up when people google single Muslim :)


Baba Ali believes it takes years to build trust and it takes seconds to lose it. Half Our Deen is a site designed for only those who are serious about getting married. Our goal is to provide a halal service for Muslims to find their other half.


It’s simple! Either $7 a month with a 1 year commitment, $13 a month for a 3 month commitment or $19 month to month.


We keep our site tailored to the principles of Islam. No chat rooms, no poking, no winks and you can't view the same gender. Why would you want to? We even welcome your parents to our website and to be involved in the decision-making process.

How does HOD work?

1. Our Formula

Our matchmaking formula stands apart from other Muslim matchmaking websites. Instead of asking surface level questions such as "height", "weight", and "eye color" Half Our Deen asks the questions that really matter. We go deeper by asking questions regarding how they understand Islam, what their family expectations are, and even what type of personality they have. These questions help you better understand the person behind the profile.

2. Compatibility Tests

Another way that Half Our Deen stands out is by having in-depth compatibility tests. These tests not only help others understand who you are but also give you insight into yourself and what is important to you. There are four main tests. Each of these tests deals with an important aspect of your life such as your character, religious views, family, and who you would marry. There are no right or wrong answer when it comes to taking them and they are simply there as means for finding a match who is like minded and compatible!

3. One-Step Registration

Signing up with Half Our Deen is easy. Simply click on the Join Now button and fill out your information. Now, while we want the process to be simple and easy, we also want to make sure that only someone who is serious about marriage signs up. Whereas other websites only require a user name and password, we require you to fill out your profile and a basic survey about yourself before you are allowed access to the site. We do this to eliminate the possibility of any lurkers and to maintain a safe, Islamic, environment for all our members.

4. Tailored Matches

Half Our Deen works behind the scenes to search our database of members and come up with a list of matches that could be compatible. We take into consideration everything you have told us that is important to you and show you your matches based on the percentage you have in common. These matches are constantly updated so if someone with a high compatibility signs up, we'll make sure you find out!

Success Stories

Said and Eman

"I was encouraged by a friend of mine. I had heard of HOD and thought it a good idea, but was very skeptical about it, for me ..


Shahama & Mirza

On November 19th we'll be married for three years inshaAllah. I sent you a picture of our sons Hamza (2) and Hussein (4 months soon inshaAllah) too.


Imran & Ayşe

Ayse and I started talking on half our deen in September of 2012 and we used the site to communicate for about the first week.


Ironclad Five-Point Privacy Protection

Our sole purpose is to help you find your other half, comfortably and privately. If you are serious about getting married and want to do it discretely, then you have come to the right place. Our ironclad Five-Point Privacy Protection is one of the main reasons why more Muslims are choosing Half Our Deen to find their other half. How do we keep the process of finding your other half as private and safe as possible?
  • First, we filter out the players. Free browsing is not an option here at Half Our Deen. That’s why we only allow paid members to enter our secure site - because only Serious Seekers are willing to pay!
  • Second, this is a No Fake Profile Zone. We block the hide-and-seekers with strict quality control that prevents fake profiles. All members complete their own real profiles before being able to view other profiles.
  • Third, we give you strict control over who qualifies to see your profile. Set your deal breaker questions to control profile access, block unwanted attention, and stay in control.
  • Fourth, we don’t use your profile to advertise on the internet, so your picture and profile don’t show up in Google search! This kind of privacy is important to our members and parents (walis) alike.
  • Last, Half Our Deen has a No Ad policy. We allow no spam, pop-ups, banner ads, or even text ads. We’re here to connect real people with real matches, not to promote dodgy affiliate products.

Half Our Deen vs the Rest

Features       HOD       Qiran.com Muslima.com SingleMuslim.com Zawaj.com
Compatibility Preferences
Calculates Match %
"No Ads" policy
Reveals Price Upfront
Marriage Advice Videos
Catered just for Muslims
Lowest month-to-month rate
$19 $45 $29 $39 $39


It’s simple! Either $7 a month with a 1 year commitment, $13 a month for a 3 month commitment or $19 month to month.


1. What is Half Our Deen?

A. Half Our Deen is more than just a matchmaking site-it's an innovative, easy to use, and private service created just for Muslims, to help you find your other half. We use unique compatibility tests that match you with other members on 56 different levels! We focus on areas that are most important to Muslims such as deen, personality, family, and social life.

2. How is Half Our Deen different from other Muslim Matchmaking websites?

A. At Half Our Deen we are interested in a lot more than just resumes or statistics. We believe there is more to you than your height, weight, and eye color (After all, you're not buying a car here!). We use "real people" information to make your matches, including in-depth personality tests, a unique categorized matching system, and personalized questions that get to the heart of what is important to you. We also provide entertaining videos for keeping your marriage successful long after the nikaah! Not to mention, we cost a lot less than other matchmaking websites.

3. How much does it cost to be a member of Half Our Deen?

A. It's simple! Either $7 a month with a 1 year commitment, $13 a month for a 3 month commitment or $19 month to month.

4. Why are you guys so inexpensive compared to other sites?

A. We believe that finding a spouse should not cost you an arm and a leg. Infact, if it was up to us it shouldn't cost anything. We know that not everyone can afford the $25 to $40 a month that other websites charge. Marriage is a blessing and privilege for all Muslims. Our primary goal is to get the reward of helping our brothers and sisters find their other half. Unfortunately, setting up a website of this magnitude and paying our developers to bring us these amazing features does cost money. We believe that if we provide the best service at an affordable price our website will be a success, inshaAllah. Just because we can charge more doesn't mean we should!

5. If I am a parent can I sign up my son or daughter on Half Our Deen?

A. Yes! Absolutely. We encourage parents to be involved in the decision-making process. We actually have an option to sign your son or daughter up as a parent. Most of our parents have been married for twenty-plus years and we believe they provide valuable experience that will help their kids make the right decisions.