The story of Arshiya

Location: India and United States
Married: December 2012

I was a member in Half Our Deen alhamdulillah and I met two brothers in Half Our Deen with real serious intentions of marriage and one brother alhamdulillah he had intentions of marriage but needed time so his sister can marry first so I moved on saying that I was looking to get married a bit fast and then I met my husband. My husband was the first to initiate conversation and it was followed by emails. The percentage was more than eighty. When he answered my 22 questions perfectly and I thought to myself he is perfect alhamdulillah. My experience was remarkable Alhamdulillah. We communicated three months then we decided a date for nikah. The compatibility was perfect so we did not see the point to elongate and trip into haram conversations. We decided to meet in India, he was in US... so we met the next month in India in Dec 30th and got married the next day :) ... I'm pregnant with my first child now. It's due in November 2014, please include us in your duas.. All praise is due to Allah... I never had a chance to personally thank brother Baba Ali and his efforts. I have been on other matrimonial websites and it's more like a dating zone then a place for matrimonial. May Allah reward the efforts of all ameen :)