The story of Afra & Sammy

Location: Dubai to California
Married: September 2012

Our story is quite unique as we met both online and offline and through Baba Ali. I was working for HOD as a marketing officer and was introduced to Sammy to work on and article called ‘A Day in the life of an HOD member”. That first email was the start of our beautiful relationship. Sammy immediately asked me if he could ask me 21 Questions on Half Our Deen as he saw my profile previously (I saw his but was not looking for someone who was so far away since I was in Dubai and he was in California). I politely rejected and we continued working together. Fast forward to 2 months later, Sammy brought the subject up again and asked if he could speak to my parents to ask for my hand. By then I knew he was the type of person I was looking for but I still needed to get to know him. We informed our parents of the mutual interest and used the website to ask over 40 questions and check our compatibility. We also messaged one another on the website even though we worked on email together. I happened to be visiting the US with my first stop being California to work with HOD for their booth at RIS in LA, and also assist at their first ever Singles Event in LA. Mind you this trip was planned before I even met Sammy SubhanAllah. After months of communication on and off the site we finally met in person and knew that we wanted to be together. I also had a chance to meet his family and talk to people he knew and observe his personality. By July we were engaged and in September we had our nikah in Dubai. I moved to California 4 months later and we now have a 8 month old son MashAllah. Never thought I would end up in California in my wildest dreams, all the way from United Arab Emirates! But here I am Alhamdullilah.