The story of Harun Raja

Location: Singapore and South Carolina
Married: July 2011

I joined HOD when I had heard Baba Ali promote it in his reminder videos all the time. I also heard some brothers and sisters I know talk about it and how it was rated better than the other Muslim matrimonial sites such as, Naseeb, etc. I was in a not so halal relationship for a while that went sour and wanted to try this out on the right foot according to proper islamic principles and rules, so I chose this site Allhumdoillah. To my surprise, the sister was the one to make the first move, as I got a notification that she was interested in me! Shortly after we decided to go and resort to using a better messaging program( seemed to have a word limit in their messaging or something). So we chose to exchange emails, and then emails became MSN/Skype and exchanging phone numbers.

We are both from different countries and this was the biggest surprise for me as I didn't expect to fall for someone from a different country especially from the particular country she is from and from how far away it is from where I live. She is from Singapore and I live in the States! :P I really never pursued anyone on I usually just resorted to clicking the interested button and then if I got a message from the person then I would go from their. I spoke to only 2-3 other sisters before meeting my other half. We are still in the process of working out the engagement part as our distance makes it a little difficult but inshAllah we plan to aim for this summer for engagement. Our parents are still in the talks about it and hashing out the details allhumdoillah :).

I totally loved the concept of the interested, non interested buttons and how the members were low key and not as many. It was to see that everyone on their was serious on this topic of marriage and that they were not after things that should not be a requirement for marriage such as culture, race, ethnicity, or income. I would and definatly have been reccomending this site to other single brothers and sisters as I can attest to it, and as most people still can't beleive that we both the sister and I found eachother and are so perfect for eachother allhumdoillah :).

Our percentage match between the sister and I was around 70% allhumdoillah :).We would be more than happy to have our testimonial on your page inshAllah :).Jazza Allah Khair to all you brothers and sisters for your great efforts and helping me find my future wife :) May Allah continue to bless and give as much barakat in this business of yours as possible and hassanaat ameen :)