The story of Yusuf & Gaelle

Location: Mali and United States
Married: October 2014

Yusuf and I met on HOD in June 2014, one week before Ramadan. At that point Yusuf was in the US while I was working in Mali, our respective family being in India and in France (we are working on finding a link with Oceania to really make our story a global one ).

I had been on HOD for less than a month after a friend pushed me to visit the website and to register while I was really reluctant, as the whole online thing was really not my cup of tea. I have to admit that my doubts vanished pretty quickly after I tested the website. It was really user-friendly, not invasive as I could choose with who and how to communicate, respectful of my privacy (I really appreciated that my profile could not be seen by other sisters!). Yusuf had been there for longer, around 5 months but was not very active on the website and thus he was not visible to me at first glance, lost in the pack. He saw my profile when he logged in after weeks without visiting the website.

Before meeting each other, both of us had been in contact with several persons, including two (one for each) with who we agreed to communicate further. The brothers who contacted me had been extremely respectful of Islamic boundaries and ethics. I am really appreciative of that and that is actually the main reason why I recommend HOD.

Yusuf did the first move by clicking on the interested button. When I was notified, I checked his profile and something in what he wrote to describe himself caught my attention (the compatibility rate was around 75% but that was not the main thing). I sent him an email with a 9-page-long questionnaire including all the basic information about who I am and what I want for my future. I wrote him blankly to contact me back after reading it if he was still interested…. And he did very shortly after Alhamdulillah.

We exchanged emails for a week and then we got a first phone call on the first day of Ramadan. The first video Skype came shortly after, about two weeks after our initial contact. It was clear for me from that point that he was the companion I was looking for. Things went really smoothly as we included families in the process and eventually Yusuf proposed on August 5. Our engagement became official after our first physical meeting, a few days ago, in October 2014, at my parents’ in France.

Despite technical difficulties (the network in Mali is not the best to have a proper discussion), language barriers (juggling between Urdu, English, French and a bit of Arabic), distance and cultural differences, Allah made everything easy for us so far Alhamdulillah and the wedding is scheduled for January 2015 (in India and in France later on) inshaAllah

A big thank you and a lot of du’as to the HOD team who created such a place to connect and find our second half, may Allah reward you all for your efforts!!! For those who are reading this testimony, I just have one thing to say: stop overthinking or finding lame excuses, register on HOD and if Allah has decided so, you will find you second half there! This is the era of Internet; prince charming riding his horse will come online now in your HOD account!