The story of Shahama & Mirza

Location: Vienna & Sarajevo
Married: November 2011

On November 19th we'll be married for three years inshaAllah. I sent you a picture of our sons Hamza (2) and Hussein (4 months soon inshaAllah) too. Here is our testimonial. I didn't know where to start, so I copied the question from the HOD website and answered them.

What made you join HOD? What was your story before joining, i.e. were you looking/not looking?

I didn't want to get set up by my family and wanted to take matters into my own hands. And I was also curious about the website.

As for my husband, he was newly divorced. He signed up for a month only, mainly because he wanted to see more Baba Ali videos :D.

Who made the first move :)?

My husband. He clicked the "sounds interesting"-button just a few days after his registration. At that time I was registered for eight months already and didn't really expect anything serious to come out of HOD anymore. So I took it easy and changed my profile description. And that worked out well :).

How did you communicate after meeting on HOD?

First we chatted on MSN-messenger. After two chats I didn't know whether to continue talking to him or not. Thought he was a great person, but didn't feel the butterflies (yet). And I noticed that he did. I wanted to be fair, so I prayed salatul-istikhara and voila... there was the feeling on chat no.3 :). Later on we also started sending emails, skyped and exchanged numbers.

Were you both in the same country? If not can you tell us which countries you are both based?

No. I lived in Vienna and he in Sarajevo. I moved to Sarajevo.

How many other HOD members did you speak to before choosing your other half?

Just exchanged very few messages on HOD. But never had deeper conversations or contact outside the website.

How long after meeting your other half did you get engaged?

We met on HOD about a week before Ramadhan. On 3rd day after Eid he came to Vienna to visit me and my family for a couple of days. Before he left he asked me to marry him and permission from my parents. So about six weeks. But we didn't really have an engagement. Two and a half months later we got married, that's four months after we met.

How did you find the experience using a matchmaking site like HOD?

At the beginning I couldn't handle rejecting someone if I wasn't interested. Even if I did very politely. Because of that it took me some time to feel comfortable on HOD. 

What I really liked was the "sounds interesting"-button. It's like the first look when noticing someone in real. The respond tells you what to do next. That makes it so much easier. 

And I liked that I couldn't view other female members. I know I would have compared myself.

Would you recommend HOD to another brother or sister?

Yes, definitely. And I recommend to upload at least one good picture. It's not about the looks. I just know that to me it always was a sign of confidence and sincerity in the intention of getting married.

What was your overall percentage match on HOD?

It think it was 86%.