The story of Saira & Ahsan

Location: Seattle U.S.A.
Married: August 2014

How does one incorporate ones upbringing in the US while insuring following the blessed way to approach marriage. For my wife and I, we both found our path towards this website by word of mouth of acquaintances. I myself heard a brother from a community was getting happily married to a women he met on Half Our Deen, while my wife was directed to the site from a sister she became friends with at the masjid.  

My wife has given me the task to write to you our story, so please take my perspective as that of a man whose wife trusts his perspective.

To me I never truly believed in the fairy tale perspective of love and marriage that is constantly played in our culture of music, media, Hollywood and Bollywood. To us, we were looking for something more than just the concept of having someone to fill a void or time, rather, we were looking to fulfill Half Our Deen and to be able to love through sacrifice, and most importantly to become close to Allah swt. I admit, I was in doubt, to find someone that only understands the Islamic perspective of life, but also has the same values while hoping to find someone with powerful chemistry. This is something that we were not able to find by the lack of communication with the opposite sex, and simply not seeing potential partners. Half Our Deen allowed us to speak from the heart and truly be openly honest and forward in the most respectful way, while at the same time learning a lot about ourselves. Alhamdulillah we met on Half Our Deen because we were able to communicate with each other in a way that we have never been able to.  From reading ones description on the profile, to answering each others questions, to moving off the site and on the phone to eventually meeting in person, we feel truly blessed that this process of marriage has not only been one that  was comfortable, but also how simple it was.

After we emailed each other back and forth, we moved to phone, then to Skype, and on the third day of visiting her and her family in Chicago with my mom from Seattle, we got Nikah. It never felt rushed or thought it was too early to marry because Half Our Deen created the context of communication. How deep we talked and what we covered in our conversation in just a few months of communicating was equivalent to, or even more, than what people who date for years talked about. Alhumdulillah we found each other, we got Nikah and our reception will be in Spring. Please pray for us.