The story of Cary Clifford

Location: Unites States and Canada

What made you join HOD?
Cary Clifford: I was in a rut with my marriage search, and tired of getting matched up with incompatible people, asking around and getting rejected, and tired of online sites. I decided to give it "one more try".

What was your story before joining, i.e were you looking/not looking?
Cary Clifford: I was looking for about 3 years, and seriously looking for 1.5 years. I am a convert/revert, so I didn't have a family to recommend brothers to me. Friends want to be helpful, but in my case, people made recommendations because it was/is good to be married, not because I was compatible with anyone they knew.

Who made the first move?
Cary Clifford: I did. I saw that he matched up fairly well, and I thought he looked like a reasonable and cute fella.

How did you communicate after meeting on HOD?
Cary Clifford: We communicated via Facebook and phone conversations.

Were you both in the same country? If not can you tell us which countries you are both based?
Cary Clifford: I am American, he is Canadian. I moved here, and I am now working on my permanent residency papers.

How many other HOD members did you speak to before choosing you other half?
Cary Clifford: I spoke to two or three.

How long after meeting your other half did you get engaged?
Cary Clifford: We got engaged after 1 month.

How did you find the experience using a matchmaking site like HOD?
Cary Clifford: It was fine. I found some of the questions two constricting. I don't remember the questions, but I did find them constricting. I tend to put everything into context and write essays. He does the same thing.

Would you recommend HOD to another brother or sister?
Cary Clifford: Yes.

What was your overall percentage match on HOD?
Cary Clifford: 36%, but that is because I forgot to fill out some of the questionnaires. We are very compatible.