The story of Navroz & Chirine

Location: New York, U.S.A.
Married: January 2012

After knowing this wonderful sister for a couple of months and found her to be someone that I'd like to share my life with, I asked her if she would take me into consideration. We both were on HOD and she asked that I fill out her questionnaire form in which she listed 13 questions. She told me that mashaAllah I answered all of them perfectly. Even our compatibility matching, provided only by the HOD unique sophisticated algorithm, confirmed also that we would be a good match. MashaAllah when I looked at her profile the compatibility algorithm had her in the 90 percentile in 'Religious views', 'Would you marry', and 'Family'. It is also worth mentioning that we both were at the RIS conference in California and attended the HOD Offline event and subhanAllah were seated at the same table.