The story of Sai'd & Eman

Location: New Zealand and Australia
Married: September 2011

What made you join HOD? What was your story before joining, i..e were you looking/not looking?

Sa'id: I was encouraged by a friend of mine. I had heard of HOD and thought it a good idea, but was very skeptical about it, for me - I just didn't think an internet introduction was really my thing. I had been looking to get married for a while, but living in New Zealand was a bit of a barrier (small community, and many sisters overseas unwilling to relocate). My friend told me to use his login, have a look around, and then I could decide to join up or not. He pestered me until I agreed, so I logged on and looked around. I saw Eman's profile, and knew straight away I had to contact her. So I signed up myself, and it was the best thing I've ever done :)

Eman: I joined the website to find a life partner on 'my terms' not on my family or anyone else's terms. My father always wanted me to marry someone from the family. To me all I cared about was the person's deen and character. I had enough of people introducing me to people with whom I had nothing or very little in common with. I wanted to take matters into my own hands. Alhamdulelah i felt that i've reached the stage where i have a clear idea about the type of person i wanted as partner for life inshalla. Alhamudlelah I found what I was looking and so much more

Who made the first move :)?

Eman: Sa'id did.. Having said that, I don't see any problem with a female making the first move, after all Khadija the prophet's wife approached him first for marriage.

Sa'id: I made the first move - there was no way I was going to waste this opportunity by trying to act cool! I had to see if this woman was interested in me or not, so I clicked the interested button and answered her questions...

How did you communicate after meeting on HOD?

Eman: After meeting on HOD, we decided that we wanted to know more about one another. And so our communications evolved from HOD, personal emails, chats, SMS, phone conversations and skype live chat, and finally face-to-face meeting. I was really surprised by how quickly things are moving, but I had a strong feeling it was going to work with Sa'id. I was ecstatic and still am J alhamdulelah.

Sa'id: Used the HOD email/msg function, but then began to use regular email and then Skype. I knew pretty quickly that this was it, so after a couple of weeks I asked Eman if I could travel to speak with her father and meet her face to face. She seemed pretty comfortable with that suggestion!!

Jazakum Allahu Khair HOD Sa'id and Eman