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Half Our Deen is completely Private

Private Which means that your profile is safe from prying eyes. Instead of using your profile to advertise to the Internet,
Half Our Deen respects every members privacy and only allows members of the site to view your profile.
The only people that should be looking at your profile are people who are also looking to get married.

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Deeper Questions for Deeper Compatibility

Our matchmaking system works quite differently than other Marriage websites. Instead of just asking the surface level questions of; "height", "weight"or "eye color", Half Our Deen asks questions that help you better understand the person behind the profile. We go deeper by asking questions regarding how they understand Islam, what their family expectations are, and even what their personality is like.

$7/month, helps you find your other half

We understand that each person is looking for something different, so we ask our members a series of unique questions about their ideal match as well. We take all this priceless data and feed it into our algorithm which than calculates the percentage matches. We do all this and much more for a fraction of what the other sites charge. Just $7 a month, with an annual subscription, $13 a month with a quarterly subscription or $19, month to month. There are no hidden fees, spam, advertising, or fake profiles. We built our system for those who are serious about getting married.

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Step 1 - Register

First we'll ask you a series of questions that really get to the core of who you are as a person. Questions like: "Are you a better talker or listener?" and "Are your views on Islam more liberal or conservative?". Then we'll ask you what you think your ideal mate would answer to each of these questions. You can rate each question on how important the issue is to you – so issues with a higher rating "weigh" more in our matching analysis. Then, our revolutionary matching system uses a complex algorithm to compare your answers to the answers of your potential matches. We then calculate a "compatibility percentage" for each category. So… you might end up being 87% compatible with someone in religious views, while being 8% compatible with them personality. Good to know, huh?

Step 2 - Completing your profile

OK, so once you've answered and registered, the first thing you'll want to do is complete your profile. You can upload additional photos, write an "About Me" and "About my match" description, and even create up to 21 of your own questions to ask potential matches – like, "Are you willing to relocate to Canada?". Kind of important to know, don't you think? You can also choose to take various other "compatibility tests", which help you further define your own personality and preferences in a match. The more information you can specify about yourself and who you're looking for, the better your chances for finding your other half.

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Step 3: Finding your Ideal Match

Once you hav completed your profile, you're ready for the fun part – checking out your matches! makes it easy to view your potential matches. Just check out the "Matches" tab to view our list of potential matches for you. We constantly work behind the scenes to match you with potential mates, and twice a week you'll get an email from, listing your new matches and their overall compatibility percentage. You can then check out their profiles, answer their questions, or message them. If you think the person on the profile might be a good match, you simply choose "Sounds Interesting", which adds that person to your list of possible matches, and you'll be presented with the next match on your list. People who have chosen "Sounds Interesting" on your profile show up in your "Found You Interesting" list. You can view these profiles, then choose the ones that you'd like to contact. That takes a lot of the anxiety and guesswork out of that awkward, initial contact. Now it's up to you to narrow down your choices, and zero in on your ideal match.

Half Our Deen is not a dating website but rather a site made specifically for serious Muslims who are looking to get married. We strongly advise our members to follow the rules of Islam(Shariah) when interacting with one another. If you, a brother, are interested in speaking to a Muslim sister, we advise contacting her Wali and asking permission first. We also advise Muslim parents to sign up on behalf of their sons or daughters, so they can work together in finding the best suitable match. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you agree to follow the rules of Islam when dealing with the opposite gender. We are doing our best to make sure we can provide a halal environment for Muslim men and women to find potential spouses. For this reason, we do not have chat rooms where people can publicly socialize about topics not related to marriage, nor do we have options of "sending flirts" like other Muslim Marriage sites. As a reminder to all of us, Allah (swt) is watching all our actions, online and offline.

And finally, here at we're interested in much more that just helping you find your other half.
We also want to help you have a successful relationship long after the Nikkah

Are you ready to get started? What have you got to lose? Some pocket change and that big question mark hanging over your head, that's what!

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