The story of Sakinah and Juel

Sakeena and Juel

Location: Seattle
Married: August 2014

I met my hubby on at the beginning of this year (2014!). I'd been searching on a few muslim matrimonial sites and never seemed to find the right mix I was looking for in a future husband. Then after just a month on HOD I found the love of my life, mashaAllah!

At first I was nervous to speak to him on the phone so we go to know one another through messages on this website, then after a few short weeks we knew we wanted to get married...and we did! (subhanAllah, we were actually a whopping 95%! So it safe to assume that their matching system really works! Haha!)

Alhamdulillah for If it weren't for this website i'd never have been able to start up my beautiful new family! JazakaAllah khair!