The story of Rozanna Yusoff & Husband

Location: Malaysia / America
Married: April 2014

Thanks to the people behind HOD that has made it possible for me (Malaysian) and my husband (American) to find each other from across the globe MashaAllah and connect in a way that is so easy and also in accordance to the teachings of Islam. After a few weeks of knowing each other, Istikharah and dua’as, we decided to get married MashaAllah. Alhamdulillah he decided to leave everything and come to me for the wedding, and now we're still in Malaysia waiting for our first born Alhamdulillah. Will be back with him and the baby in the US soon InShaaAllah. InShaaAllah may Allah help you brothers and sisters trying to find a spouse through HOD, have faith and always trust in Allah is all I can advice you, never give up! And may Allah bless those behind HOD for making it possible for us to carry on our search internationally, in a halal and easy way, Amiin.