The story of Imran & Ayşe

Location: Boston/Utah, U.S.A.
Married: January 2013

Ayse and I started talking on Half Our Deen in September of 2012 and we used the site to communicate for about the first week. We instantly hit it off and both decided that it was easier to start communicating in other ways so begin emailing and then gchatting and then texting, calling and skyping. About 2 weeks after we first talked on Half Our Deen we both decided to cancel our Half Our Deen membership and pursue what we believed to be something special with each other. Ayse was living in Salt Lake City, Utah and I was living right outside of Boston, MA so in order to meet in person it was going to take some effort. I think that we both wanted to meet ASAP but because I had just undergone knee surgery we had to wait until I was able to walk again. I booked my flight out to Utah about a month after our first conversation and we met in person about 2.5 months after our first communication.

Leading up to that first in person meeting we chatted on Skype for a few hours every day and we also met each other's parents and siblings over Skype. I think Skype really made the families feel more comfortable because video chatting actually feels like you are meeting the people as opposed to a phone conversation.

The in person meeting day was finally here after what felt like a lifetime of waiting. When I arrived in Salt Lake City Ayse was waiting for me at the airport. Before I ever met Ayse in person I was about 99% sure that she was the girl I was going to spend my life with. I just needed to meet her in person to confirm that last 1%. When I saw her in person at the airport that day everything I had already believed was instantly confirmed. She was exactly the same in person as the girl I had fallen in love with those last 2.5 months over Skype, phone calls, and texts.

That first trip to Utah I stayed about 8 days and spent about half the time with Ayse and her family and half the time with just me and her. Before the trip was over I was already planning my next visit to Salt Lake City. I ended up going back to Utah a month later and this time stayed about 10 days. With the distance being so great between Utah and Boston neither Ayse or I were interested in getting into any kind of long distance relationship. I asked Ayse's father for his blessing to marry his daughter during that second trip to Utah and proposed to Ayse the next day. 

By now I had been to Utah in November and December for a total of about 18 days. We decided that me and my immediate family were going to come back for a small wedding in January and that is what we did. Initially the plan was for Ayse to remain in Utah while she looked for a job in Boston but that idea soon went up in flames as we both couldn't stomach the fact of having to be apart any longer. After our wedding on January 19, 2013 we started the long drive back to Boston. 

Since our "nikah" in January of 2013 we have been very busy. In September of 2013 we had another, much larger wedding, in the Boston area so that all of my family and friends could partake in our joyous celebration. We also bought a house together that same month and now we are expecting a baby in August of 2014, inshaAllah. While everything did happen rather fast following our initial communication we were both in the mindset of "when you know, you know." We did not see any point in delaying anything when we were completely certain that we were perfect for each other. If there is any advice that I could give to Half Our Deen users it would be, "don't worry about timing or what other people may think, there is no such thing as too fast if Allah has brought your other half in your life."

Alhamdudillah our experience on Half Our Deen was amazing as it allowed us to find each other. In terms of percentage match I believe we were right around 73%. Thank you again for your email and all that you do at Half Our Deen.