The story of Nadia & Enosh

Location: Indiana, U.S.A.
Married: December 2013

We met some time before Ramadhan of 2012. I got busy and forgot about my HOD account. When I opened it, I saw too many messages from so many people, it was overwhelming. Thus, I deactivated my account and messaged my future husband via Facebook, only because my percentage and his were somewhat of a match- it was in the 70's, I believe. We talked for a couple of months (6 perhaps), he came to meet my family and we got engaged. That coming December, we got married Alhumdulillah in 2013. What I really like about HOD is the fact it focuses more on character and personality rather than looks and beauty. The person you'll marry will not have the same looks forever, but they will have that character, so it's extremely important to look out and HOD did just that. Also, Baba Ali's videos helped a lot as well, which showed he really wanted guide others in choosing someone fit. Keep up the great work!