The story of Danish

Location: United States, Chicago and Michigan
Married: July 2011

I thought HOD seemed like a cool website. There was a lot of anticipation built over this service and to a certain degree I was happy with what I got. The website and marketing seemed cool, and so is Baba Ali. I was offered a free trial membership for 3 months for the launch through Half Date. I was looking about a year before joining but totally lost interest a few months prior to joining because I got really busy with medical school. Then I joined and started actively looking. alHamdulillah. We first checked each other out on Facebook, then exchanged a few messages there, and then chatted a little bit on AIM, then talked on the phone for a few days, then met in Chicago. We were both in the US. She was in Michigan, I was in Chicago, only about 2.5-3 hrs away. I talked to maybe 15-25 different people before I decided to go with my wife, alHamdulillah. We got engaged about 2.5 months later.