The story of Bassem & Yasmin

Location: Unites States, CA
Married: November 2012

My wife Yasmin and I met on HOD Nov 18, 2011. I had only been on HOD for less than 48 hours. Her first communication with me was "Salam Bassem, I was wondering if you'd be willing to answer my questions and I will do the same for yours." I just knew she was going to be my wife the moment I saw her picture and read her profile. That day I believed in LOVE at first sight. She lived in Boston, MA and I lived in Anaheim, CA. I canceled HOD membership within 48 hours. It was the best $9 I have ever spent in my life.

I was traveling on business. I had just made a HUGE, LONG, and Sincere dua on the long plane ride that Allah blesses me with a wife that will get me closer to HIM. alhamdulillah, the same day Allah guided me to go on HOD.

alhamdulillah we were 91% compatible. We connected really well. I asked her if she can give me her father's number so I can call him to get permission to talk to her over the phone. We spoke for a couple of weeks. I went and met her and her family in January 2012. I loved her even more in person. I knew it was fate. and I went again to see her and her family in Feb, 2012. Listen to this, her mother has the same birthday as mine (3-29-81) and her mother has a twin, I have a twin, my twin brother's mother-in-law has the same birthday as ours as well, lastly, my biological mother passed away on our birthday during our delivery, so I knew it was fate! It was a sign.

So, I flew with my older sister (Who is like a mother to me) to Boston March 6th of 2012 and performed Nikah with Yasmin. She then flew with her mother to come visit us and my family in CA the same week. Her Mahr was very blessed and reasonable, she wanted a nice ring for a gift and wanted her Mahr to be to go to Hajj together before we have kids. alhamdulillah we made plans to get married 11-11-12 and we did. We drove to humble Sedona, AZ for our honeymoon, it was quiet, calm, and very private. We hiked beautiful mountains, swam in cold lakes, and enjoyed Allah's beautiful nature.

We have just came back from Hajj last week walhamdulillah. I have attached pictures from our wedding day and Hajj. I hope you enjoyed reading our story.

My name is Yasmin Hosein Al-Rashidi and I know my husband has already told you about how we met, but here's my side of the story.

I joined Half our Deen in March 2011. I was a member on and off until October 2011. A few times I canceled my membership after not finding anyone I was on interested in on the site, but then I quickly rejoined after I met someone in person and it did not go well. This cycle continued a few times until October 2011 when I figured I would join again, leave my profile up, and just see what happened. After all, it was only $9 a month and I spent more than that on coffee, I could definitely afford to spend that on a way to potentially meet my future husband.

About a month later, on November 18th I logged onto the website and saw a picture in the new members section that caught my eye. I clicked on the profile and began to read. His name was Bassem, he was 30, and he lived in California. But what I read next was not what I was expecting. He was divorced and he had a 4 year old son. I had always said that I did not mind marrying someone who was divorced, but I definitely did not want to marry someone who had a child. I was 22 years old, fresh out of college, and I had not seen very many step children situations that worked. But despite all of that, something inside me told me "it's okay, I can do this." I do not know what changed in my mind, but it didn't turn me away. I then sent him a message to answer my questions on my page and he responded right away. I do not know why, but this freaked me out. I panicked telling myself that this wasn't normal, I was forcing it, and it wasn't going to work out. So what did I do? I canceled my membership. Like I said, I had canceled my membership before and had never received anything from people on the site in my time away. But what do I receive that night to my gmail account? An email that told me I had a message from Bassem on Half Our Deen. I was surprised he was able to message me when I had canceled my account, but curiosity got the best of me so I went back to HOD, re-enrolled, and read the message. I am pretty sure that he wasn't supposed to have been able to message me, but subhanAllah by a stroke of Naseeb, I received the message.

After those first messages, Bassem made it clear that he was serious about me and requested to speak to my dad to ask for his permission. He called my dad, my dad consented, and we began to text, call, and skype back and forth. It was a busy time for me, I was working full time as a kindergarten teacher, going to school full time at night to get my masters, and trying to start a long distance relationship with a man 3,000 miles away from me in Boston.

We finally met in person at the beginning of January when Bassem visited my family and me in Boston. I already thought he was the man I wanted to marry and meeting him in person solidified that. Bassem visited us again in February and after that trip I knew that the next step was marriage. Alhamdulillah on March 6th, 2012 Bassem flew to Boston with his sister and we were Islamically married in a small ceremony in my grandmother's living room. A few days later, I flew to California with my mother. I met Bassem's son and the rest of his family.

Over the next 8 months, we had a long distance relationship. I stayed in Boston to plan our wedding, finish off the school year, and complete my masters and Bassem was in California. It was difficult to be so far away from each other, but I knew it was only temporary. I finished my masters in August and a few months later on November 11, 2012 we were married in Westborough, Massachusetts in front of 230 guests, most of whom were my family. The next day, I tearfully boarded a plane to California. I was excited to start a new chapter of my life with a man I loved more than anything, but I was also sad to leave my family, friends, and the only home I had ever known behind.

It has now been almost 2 years since our wedding and I am happier now than the day I said I do. We just returned from Hajj a week ago. The trip was my mahr and I am very thankful that we were able to go on an amazing, life changing journey together. I have settled into California and become part of the community here. I am a 5th grade teacher at an Islamic school, my step son is now 7, and we are a little, happy family. Yes, we have our struggles and trials just like every other family, but there has not been one day when I regretted my decision to marry Bassem and move across the country. My life is better with him it and I am a better person as his wife.

First, I am thankful to Allah for bringing us together and second, I am thankful to for Half Our Deen for providing us the channel to meet.

A quick side note, after I met Bassem, my brother went on HOD, met his wife, got married a few months after us, and they now have a beautiful 2 month old baby boy. They thank you HOD as well :)