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We're constantly working to make Half Our Deen a better experience, and we're listening closely to your suggestions. If you have anything you'd like to tell us, don't hesitate to let us know, and keep checking back for more additions and improvements.

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  • Latest Success Story Latest Success Story Sai'd & Eman "I think HOD is a great alternative especially at a time where there is clear absence of community/mosque involvement in helping young Muslims complete half their deen". Emaan READ OUR STORY 716 Matches to date.

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June 15 - Half Our Deen 2.0 launches. A new look and feel to the exterior of the site with more information and real success stories.

May 1st - HOD Offline announces their fourth singles event in San Diego. July 14th, 2012. Register by going to or

Apr 28th - One of our very own success story couples have their walima in New York :)

Apr 26th - One of our very own success story couples release an article on how they found each other

Apr 13th - Baba Ali will be in Orlando for Memorial Day Weekend. Great lectures, talent show, matchmaking event, & basketball tournament

Apr 9th - Alhamdullilah 314 members told us they found their match on Half Our Deen

April 8th - Over 2000 active members on Half Our Deen today! There must be something in the air :)

Mar 17th - Baba Ali performs for Half Our Deen at the Young Muslims Youth Conference in Anaheim, California

Jan 14th - Our Facebook Fan page reaches 24,000 Fans and Our Twitter following to almost 8000 :)

Jan 12th - 1905 Active Members

Jan 4th - Alhamdullilah 243 told us they found their match on Half Our Deen


Dec 31st - The Half Our Deen Website has 1,108,160 Visits and 9,770,783 Pgge Views Mashallah

Dec 18th - HOD runs another Offline Singles Event in Santa Clara with 17 mutual matches made from the 42 who attended Alhamdullilah!

Oct 28th - Article published on HOD on Muslimness Magazine (

Sept 16th - Alhamdullilah First Half Our Deen Staff Wedding :)

Mar 13th - Baba Ali holds a webinar on 'How to know if they are the one?' in conjunction with iPOET. Due to popular demand, part 2 of this webinar will be scheduled soon InshAllah.

Mar 11th - Baba Ali is interviewed on One Legacy Radio (OLR). Listen to the entertaining interview.

Mar 4th - "Muslimness" runs a special feature on 'How to sign up on Half Our Deen?'

Mar 1st - 78 Half Our Deen members informed us that they found their match, Alhamdulillah.

Feb 28th - The New Match Preferences Module is released. Search using 15 different filters. Save your searches for quicker results.

Feb 22nd - HOD introduces new compatibility tests for members. Take the new Would you Marry? compatibility test.

Feb 20th - Elan publilshes an article on Half Our Deen's latest Success Story.

Feb 16th - Muslimah Media Watch publishes a special feature on Half Our Deen.

Feb 7th - After 80 hours of development time, the all-new, state of the art HOD Messaging System is launched!

Feb 6th - First HOD Offline event is set and booked for March 26th, 2011 in Orange County, CA.

Feb 5th - The Offline version of Half Our Deen,, is launched successfully.

Feb 2nd - 12th couple from HOD gets married! Who's next?

Feb 1st - The What's New page of Half Our Deen launches showing the progress and latest features of HOD.

Jan 31st - In the month of January 2011, HOD got 550,000 page views and 63,649 visitors.

Jan 27th - 5000 fans on HOD Fan Page

Jan 24th - 4000 fans on HOD Fan Page


Dec 31st - 10th couple to get married off in 5 months! Who's next?

Dec 27th - Baba Ali's marriage videos have been watched over 500,000 times

Dec 20th - Added Zubair to our programming team to help program new features

Dec 18th - Added Date of Birth field to Edit profile page.

Dec 16th - 250,000 visitors to

Dec 15th - Added Michael to the programming team to help program new features

Dec 13th - Added author of "Before the Wedding" (Munira Lekovic Ezzeldine) to team to further im prove our compatibility tests

Dec 11th - 3000 likes on FB fan page

Nov 25th - FB fan page is launched

Nov 17th - adds "HOD Polls" which helps members learn what the other gender really thinks about sensitive subjects.

Nov 16th - Added Afra to marketing team to help bring new people to

Oct 13th - 1000 Active members using

Oct 3rd - Added Faran to our programming team to improve member experience and to program new features on

Sep 27th - reaches 1 million page views

Sep 26th - Added a new server to double the speed and improve member experience

Sep 17th - Competition panics after successful launch of and tries to buy similar URLs

Jul 18th - launches

"Half Our Deen is 100% Ad Free!"

There are no ads anywhere on Even many of the so called free sites are not free at all. Often times the only thing that is free is registration but once you actually want to contact someone, they ask you to cough up $25 a month. Other sites will go beyond that and advertise you to death. At the end, each site will find one way or another to make their money back. One valuable lesson that many have learned is that things that claim to be free on the Internet are often not. Quality sites need resources to run successfully. Half Our Deen charges are modest $5/month, which helps employ a staff programmers (to build new features), customers service staff (to support its current members), and a marketing team (to bring new member to Half Our Deen).

"Half Our Deen is completely Private"

A recent poll on shows that the #1 reason people chose Half Our Deen over the other sites is Privacy. Because not everyone wants their picture and profile to show up on google search :)

"New members signing up everyday since it's launch"

Ever since the launch of Half Our Deen, we have had a consistent flow of new people join. Our goal was to get 1000 active members in a year but we pass the goal in less than 3 months after launch.

"Half Our Deen does not depend on a volunteer staff but rather pays all it's employees"

Altough our low membership prices gives us a smaller revenue flow than the competition, we value the time of those who have helped us. Instead of relying on volunteers, we pay all those who put in the effort to make Half Our Deen amazing.

"Majority of members are exclusively on"

It is not surprise that the majority of Half Our Deen members have profiles only on Half Our Deen. There is no other site that offers 100% Privacy, compatibility matching, and many cool features for just $5/month.

"The majority of HalfOurDeen resources are focused on improving the quality of the site and member experience"

We much rather have 1000 members using a quality site than 100,000 members using a junky site. We believe in quality over quantity so instead of spending all our revenue on ads, we spend a lot of it on hiring programmers to build new features that will help our members find their other half.

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